MFL Show and Tell?

The idea of the ililc5 MFL Show and Tell session is to give teachers an opportunity to share good practice on the use of technology in the languages classroom in a relaxed informal environment. It's quite different to the main conference. The session will take place in the:
Highfield House Hotel, 119 Highfield Lane, Portswood, Southampton
from 7.00 p.m - 10.00 p.m on Saturday 28th February 2015.

We hope to have to two data projectors, a screen for presentations and one to display the event's Twitterstream, plus wifi connectivity of course. We will have one laptop set up. If you want to show a presentation, please have it on a data stick to save time.

If you would like to come along as an attendee, please click edit on the top right-hand side of the navigation bar and add your name and school/organisation.If you'd like to speak or sing(!), add the title of your talk as well. The length of your slot will depend on how many volunteers we have.We would particularly encourage those who don't normally speak at such events to have a go and share what you are doing in the classroom. Your presentation doesn't have to be IT related, just good teaching!

There will also be a bar to purchase drinks.

The MFL Show and Tell is organised by Languages South East
Contact Zena Hilton on if you have any questions.

Many thanks to Linguascope for being the Show and Tell sponsor this year!

There is a strict limit of 60 people due to room capacity.

FREE to attend, but add your name to the list.

Thank you and see you there!
  • Please add your name here if you are willing to present

1. Clare Seccombe - Mayans + Aztecs = Maths
2. Eleanor Abrahams @elvisrunner. Not sure yet. Not Jenga though!
3. Rachel Smith @lancslassrach - not sure will think of something! Will there be knobs? We need knobs!
4. Alex Bellars @bellaale - ditto! and hopefully a song... ;) [We demand a song, Alex!!!!!]
5.Lisa Stevens @lisibo - still thinking...
6. Simone Haughey something Chinesey! @simonehaughey
7. Julie Prince @princelanguages - counting activity for Y3 plus a song
8. Jane Basnett @basnettj tbc....
9. Dominic McGladdery - something amazing
10. Ryan Hoy @taisez. The Impossible Continuum
11. Aurelie Charles @aurelagazel take away homework at LA or possibly challenge based learning in MFL (undecided)
12. Jo Rhys-Jones @jowinchester Google Classroom (if we have good internet access) if not does anyone want to do Tchik et Tchak (again!!)? and/or the play-doh vocabulary game or 'Par une sombre nuit de tempete'

Attendees - 60 places max
Please add your name below if you will be attending (plus your Twitter name if you are on Twitter)
[Return adds a number in this bullet list]
  1. Zena Hilton @zenahilton
  2. Jonathan.Peace @trekkiep
  3. Clare Seccombe @valleseco
  4. Eleanor Abrahams @elvisrunner
  5. Amanda Salt @amandasalt
  6. Alex Bellars @bellaale
  7. Serena Dawson @dawson_serena
  8. Lisa Stevens @lisibo
  9. Simone Haughey @simonehaughey
  10. Rachel Britt @felizz7
  11. Julie Prince @princelanguages
  12. Ceri Anwen James @CeriAnwen
  13. Catrin Francis @ITM_BroEdern
  14. Jane Basnett @basnettj
  15. Jenny Léger @craddycrews
  16. Laura Simons @lauraannesimons
  17. Theresa Davis
  18. Bryn Jones @bryncrawia
  19. Ryan Hoy @taisez
  20. Dominic McGladdery
  21. Simon Floyd
  22. Annalise Adam @thwartedmum
  23. Martina Bohunicka @mbohunicka
  24. Aurelie Charles @aurelagazel
  25. Kenia Puig @languages_ie
  26. James Gardner @langnut
  27. Eva Casas
  28. Caroline Tarrant @languagenut
  29. Minte Taekema @languagenutNL
  30. Saira Ghani @sghani
  31. Prim @
  32. Isabel Ramallal
  33. Daniel Cooper
  34. Matt Connor @Mattkon1
  35. Iñaki Castro
  36. Jennifer Wozniak
  37. Gillian Campbell-Thow @senoraCT
  38. William Turner @glasgow3000
  39. Vanessa Burns @nessalovesshoes
  40. Paul Cassidy @pcassidy1982
  41. Jo Rhys-Jones @jowinchester
  42. Rory Gallagher @EddieKayshun
  43. Sara Vaughan @sdlasvegas
  44. Ann Poole
  45. Laetitia Davies @laetitialemoal
  46. Kirsty de Groot @phrancophilly
  47. Margarita Cordero Martin
  48. Sadie McLachl @missmclachlan

60 places max.

The order of the presentations will be picked at random using ClassTools' Fruit Machine

Song and Dance
As in previous years, we may well be practising a few foreign language songs between presentations (perhaps with actions). If you would like to lead one of these, please list your song below. If you want everyone to join, don't forget to bring the lyrics!

List of songs

  1. Das Fliegerlied @CeriAnwen
  2. Year 5's favourite song! @lisibo
  3. The Porter Song - bringing lyrics and props!


By Rail
The nearest railway station is Southampton Central.

By Bus
The Unilink bus service provides a fast link between Highfield Campus and Southampton Central. The neareest bus stop is on Shaftesbury Avenue or Portswood High Street (Unilink bus U1A or U1C)

There is limited free parking available at Highfield House Hotel and more on nearby streets.